NOTE: This is the last message from Chief Fager before his retirement in October 2018.

To paraphrase from our neighbors to the north, “What’s happening at Hawthorne PD lately? How about everything!“

An active time in society these days, and no different in our law enforcement profession. Fortunately, our Agency values and the program endeavors our skilled staff has pioneered over the last several years are now firmly rooted and making the difference. Public Safety is, and will always remain, our primary mission. Hawthorne citizens can take great comfort in the annual trainings, developments, and equipment acquisitions we employ, all making community policing safer and more successful. Equally, our ‘Tactical Medicine Program’, now a mainstay Organizationally, has led to our Police Officers routinely saving civilian lives. Our Officers 24/7 city-wide deployment allows rapid response potential; CPR and tourniquets are now part of every officer’s repertoire.

On to a separate service-offering CITF. We are now solidly into our third year of civic ‘quality of life’ focuses via our ‘City Improvement Task Force’ collaboration. Combining Hawthorne City Departments, including our own METRO investigative unit, this collaboration addresses non-criminal issues that detrimentally impact homeowners and business-owners alike. For instance, homelessness and vagrancy affect every city and town these days. Hawthorne’s soughtafter South Bay location, enjoined by two major freeways, can often work against us in this same regard. Highway corridors, parks, freeway embankments, etc., make us ripe for temporary shelterseeking. Current state laws restrict much of what can be done, contrary to popular belief. However, our CITF’s mixture of inspectors, public works and attorneys, allow us to uniquely address problems for long-term remedy, ultimately making for a healthier and safer community.

Traffic. Need I say more? As our regional populations grow, so do the impacts upon our city. Our Traffic Bureau staff works diligently in addressing both moving and parking related issues. Continuing on our mission, ‘safety’ is the priority. Most recent years have shown an uptick in vehicle versus pedestrian collisions. Among our efforts to address this, we exercise grant programs that provide us extra funding for directed enforcement of vehicle speed adherences, as well as legal pedestrian-crossing behaviors. All the while, day in and day out, our Parking Enforcement Unit handles the regulation of Hawthorne’s parking ordinances professionally and prudently. A heavy undertaking that they do with commendable dedication.

Sitting at the core of all our services is our Patrol Operations Division. These are the men and women in uniform who respond to anyone’s call for service. From a simple verbal dispute to lifethreatening incidents, every Hawthorne Police Officer must navigate this modern-day area of threat, of challenge, and of scrutiny. This Police Department does more, officer-per-capita, than almost any other one in our state – period. Hard-pressed are you to find an agency of our size, shouldering the annual work we do, at the qualitylevel we do it, anywhere! Community Affairs, specialized Investigative Units, SWAT, Canines, and our own Police Helicopter…Your HAWTHORNE Police Department does all, with competency, professionalism, and accountability.