Current Meal Project – Falcon Inn

Hawthorne’s City Councilmember Haidar Awad is currently working with Falcon Inn and offering 30 meals, every day. To learn more about their daily meals, please call the Falcon Inn at 424-789-1788

Falcon Inn
5023 West Rosecrans

Previous Meal Projects

In the midst of quarantine and COVID-19, Hawthorne’s City Councilmember Haidar Awad worked with Midici Wood Fried Pizza & Kitchen to bring the Hawthorne Good Neighbors Meal Project. This event was personally funded by Haidar in partnership with William Hassan Foundation and Medici Restaurant. The project allowed the restaurant to bring back some of the workers during a time when they may have had no source of income. Helping Hawthorne’s seniors of 60+ years and people with a disability, the Meal Project delivered over 130 meals to people in need.

Although the Meal Project is now over, Haidar Awad is still looking to help the residents of Hawthorne in various other ways. Visit Our Goals page on the website to learn more.