Bringing Big Business Back to Hawthorne

As a City Councilmember, Haidar Awad has taken steps to bring economic stability to Hawthorne. In addition to requesting the creation of the Financial Oversight Committee and serving as its Chair, he has taken measures to enact positive change.

  • Job Growth: Under Councilmember Awad’s leadership, the unemployment rate has dropped to around 4.7%. A record growth in employment has resulted in the job market increasing by 2.31% over the last year. Roughly 1,000 new jobs were created during that time. Since SpaceX expanded, the company has provided 3,500 jobs for people in the City of Hawthorne. *Due to the recent spread of COVID-19, unemployment numbers have increased significantly. But with the help of Haidar Awad’s leadership, Hawthorne is rebounding as the community begins to slowly lift stay-at-home orders.
  • Tax Relief: Councilmember Awad’s Financial Oversight Committee is taking measures to protect voters’ tax dollars. This includes monthly reviews of records, meetings with city department managers, and development of recommendations to deliver to the city council.
  • Redevelop and Repurpose Abandoned Warehouses: Since 2016, with the announcement that an abandoned warehouse on El Segundo Boulevard would be converted into an Amazon Fulfillment Center that eventually grew to roughly 170,000 square feet of space, numerous warehouses across the city have been converted and repurposed for various uses, including office and residential spaces.
  • Leading the Growth of Aerospace and Tech: SpaceX, the world’s fastest-growing provider of space launch services, is headquartered in Hawthorne. SpaceX brings significant value to the area with 100+ missions on its manifest. The company also completed a prototype transportation tunnel in June of 2019 that offers high-speed localized transportation via its one-mile Hyperloop system. In addition to SpaceX, a converted warehouse will act as a business hub for Ring Inc. Ring is an Amazon subsidiary that produces video doorbells with a worth of over $1 billion and rising. Furthering his efforts to integrate groundbreaking tech into the community, Haidar Awad has supported the ongoing testing of Tesla’s low emission electric vehicles with the goal of these energy-conscious EVs becoming a part of the Hawthorne Police Department’s fleet.
  • Supporting Low-Income Working Families: Haidar Awad has been a chief supporter of The City of Hawthorne’s Annual Turkey Giveaway, a non-profit organization that serves underprivileged families. In addition, a 120-unit complex called Anchor Place has agreed to set aside 45 units to house low-income families due to Haidar’s tireless efforts and outreach.
  • Supporting Our Military and Veteran Families: The Hawthorne Veterans Affairs Commission hosts an annual ceremony recognizing local veterans. The event includes live entertainment where the newest ‘Veterans of the Quarter’ are introduced and honored. In addition to holding special events to support veterans, as well as members of the military, Haidar Awad has pushed to bring Veterans housing to Hawthorne. A recently constructed complex includes 75 units that have been set aside to address homelessness within the Veteran community.
  • Bringing More Shopping and Dining: Haidar Awad continues to implement innovative ideas and incentives to bring businesses to Hawthorne. His efforts have paid off. The Urth Café’s headquarters made the decision to move its operations from Los Angeles to Hawthorne, which features a coffee roasting facility and outdoor patio. The city is also investing $100 million in the betterment of the Hawthorne Mall. This expansion will include a mixed-use development featuring stores, movie theaters, 600 luxury residential units, and office space.


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